Client: Bello Mundo Cafe
San Luis Obispo, CA
My role: Research, Insights & Pitching
Results: What began as a course project has now transformed into a living, breathing brand – Ascendo!
With a student team, I conducted extensive ethnographic research on coffee connoisseurs through observations and in-depth interviews.  I also derived quantitative data about consumers' coffee preferences and habits through a targeted survey.  
I took a strategic role in analyzing consumer insights from our data collection and developed three core themes. From these insights, we created an authentic coffee bean brand named Ascendo; it captivates the ascension coffee provides for the modern day connoisseur as they prepare for their busy days. 
I played a lead role in designing Ascendo's branded content.  Along with two students, I pitched the winning rebrand concept to Bello Mundo Cafe against competing student groups.  
They have adopted integral elements of our concept and Ascendo is now in existence.
Below is the updated version of Ascendo that the brand is currently using:
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